Jonas Hjalmar Blom

Jonas Hjalmar Blom

Jonas Hjalmar Blom enjoys to read, write and talk (and sing) about whatever interests him.

Occasionally, he writes on his blog. Sometimes he is engaged by media, for example, about consumer behavior, the subjective experience of time, or pseudoscientific instruments like DISC.

He also likes to run long distances, lift heavy weights and from time to time tries his best to get into some particularly inelastic yoga positions. Occasionally he plays online casino games. And when he does, he usually finds new casinos through


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Jonas Hjalmar Bloms fiction novel Förvaltningen was published in Swedish by Mondial in 2018.

Currently, he is working on his next fiction novel and a non-fiction book about pseudoscience and the myths of psychology.


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Jonas Hjalmar Blom is currently in his PhD studies in consumer behavior at the Service Research Center at University of Karlstad, Sweden. His research is focused on how to persuade healthy and sustainable behavior change.


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Jonas Hjalmar Blom gives lectures about behavior design and pseudoscience.

He can shows how nudging and psychology can be used to design sustainable, healthy and profitable behavior. He has showed this for Luger, Berghs School of Communication and Folksam.

He can explain why people fall for pseudoscientific theories and products. He has explained this to the audience at public libraries in Borås, Alingsås, Lund and Örebro, among others.